Orthodontic Referrals



Most children stand to benefit from orthodontic treatment, especially braces. Around 7 years of age is when children begin to lose primary teeth and start getting permanent teeth, which is why we like to begin tracking a child’s dental development at this time. This is a critical period during which many inferences and observations can be made about the future of the child’s dental health.


Once any dental problems are identified, it is important to begin initial treatment as soon as possible. In the majority of cases, braces for kids in St. Louis will be recommended when children are between 11 and 15 years old, as this is a time when the dentition is changing from primary to permanent teeth. In some instances, though, younger children may be candidates for orthodontic treatment as well.  Adolescent and transitional dentition can affect the development of your child’s jaw and teeth, therefore, having an orthodontic consultation and interceptive orthodontics can reduce future potential adolescent and adult malocclusion.  The emergence of adult teeth is a time when many decisions can be made regarding the need for braces. A simple consultation will determine if treatment is needed.  At Little Urban Smiles, we can access your child’s malocclusions as soon as they are detected and refer you to an orthodontist, setting your child on the path to the beautiful smile she deserves.