Importance of Orthodontics for Kids

Have you been wondering if it’s time for your child to receive orthodontic treatment? Are you sure if this treatment is right for your child? We encourage you to ask our orthodontist, Dr. Olson, at Children’s Dental Theatre in St. Louis, to understand the importance of braces and their correlation to your child’s oral health.
Why choose an orthodontic treatment like braces?
With the help of traditional braces, we’re able to create a healthy and functional bite for your child. This includes properly aligning their teeth and jaw, so when your child bites down, their teeth are meeting in the right places and their jaw is in the right place for this to happen. Your child’s teeth and jaw are able to function properly, so they won’t have any trouble chewing, talking, or any other dental-related issues.
How will this orthodontic treatment help my child?
If you can see that your child’s teeth are crooked, gapped or misaligned, braces will help them in many ways! Our orthodontic treatment will help improve their bite, chewing abilities, and contribute to clear and concise speech as they grow older. Not only will this be beneficial in a practical sense, but it can also improve their confidence and self-esteem. Straight, properly cared for teeth are also less prone to cavities and decay, as well as gum disease.
Why does my child need orthodontic treatment?
Dental alignment issues are mostly inherited, but there are other possibilities that can ruin teeth alignment. If, at a young age, your child sucked on their thumbs and fingers, their teeth may be protruding or displaying at an awkward angle, adjusting to the shape of a thumb or finger. Poor dental hygiene, gum disease and poor nutrition are all factors that negatively affect your child’s dental alignment, but our treatments can help.
What’s the right age for orthodontic treatment?
There’s no “right” age - people of all ages can get orthodontic treatment to improve their smile! Ideally, kids should have an orthodontic evaluation before or around age 7. This will give our St. Louis orthodontist an idea of the timeline of their treatment and what will be best for your child’s smile.
Sometimes it’s more than just straightening their teeth - it could be jaw issues, abnormal patterns, or other dental issues your child could be experiencing. With the help of Dr. Olson, we’ll be able to work with you to find the next best step for your child’s smile.
If you have any questions, concerns or would like to schedule an appointment for your child’s first consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Children’s Dental Theatre today by calling (314) 367-1434! We’ll help in picking the best date and time for your visit and start your child’s journey to a straighter, healthier smile!